Lucie Bailly

Research Associate at CNRS
CRCN, INSIS, section 10 - Biomechanics

Laboratoire "Sols, Solides, Structures, Risques" (3SR, UMR 5521)
CNRS, Université Grenoble Alpes

Domaine Universitaire
BP 53 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9

+ 33 4 76 82 70 85
Researcher ID: L-4067-2015

Research topic

Mechanical behaviour of Soft Materials in interaction with their Physical and Biological Environment : from Living Tissue to Biomimetic Substitute

Phonatory biomechanics 

  • Experimental multiscale characterization of vocal-fold tissue's histological and biomechanical specificities: ex vivo mechanical tests, multiscale X-ray microtomography
  • Micro-mechanical modelling of the non-linear viscoelastic and anisotropic behaviour of the vocal-fold tissue
  • Design and elaboration of fibrous composite materials mimicking vocal-fold tissue's architecture and mechanics (elastomers, hydrogels)
  • Characterization of multiscale mechanical properties of soft fibre-reinforced materials : static/vibratory loadings
  • Biological fluid/structure interactions within the larynx
Laboratory 3SR (L. Orgéas, S. Rolland du Roscoat)
GIPSA-lab (N. Henrich Bernardoni, X. Laval, S. Arnaud)
LADAF (Y. Robert, P. Chaffanjon, P. Masson)
IBP/Grenoble Faculty of Medicine (A. McLeer-Florin)
LBTI (J. Sohier, R. Debret)
ESRF-ID19 (E. Boller, L. Broche)
NOVITOM (O. Guiraud, B. Fayard)
LMA (F. Silva)
CHU Liège (A. Lagier)
LPL (T. Legou)
PhD M. Tlaidi (2023-..., ANR AVATARS, GIPSA-lab/3SR)
PhD A. Klos (2019-23, IMEP2 - GrenobleINP, 3SR/GIPSA-lab/ESRF-ID19/SOLEIL-PSICHE)
PhD H. Yousefi-Mashouf (2018-23, ANR MicroVoice, 3SR/GIPSA-lab)
PhD A. Terzolo (2017-22, LabEx Tec21/IDEX UGA, 3SR/GIPSA-lab)
PhD T. Cochereau (2015-19, LabEx Tec21, 3SR/GIPSA-lab) Post-doc P. Luizard (2021-22, ANR MicroVoice, GIPSA-lab/3SR)

Vascular biomechanics 

  • Biomimetic design of aortic tissue : elaboration and characterization of elastomeric fibrous synthetic membranes
  • Micro-mechanical modelling, numerical simulation of physiological mechanical loadings and optimization of microstructural properties
  • Mechanical behavior of knitted textile aortic prostheses
Laboratory 3SR (C. Geindreau, L. Orgéas)
MDB Texinov (N. Boucard)
IRPHE (E. Bertrand, V. Deplano)
PhD F. Ott (2015-19, CIFRE 3SR/Texinov)
PhD A. Lemercier (2012-15, CIFRE 3SR/IRPHE/Texinov)
Post-doc M. Toungara (2012-13, 3SR/IRPHE)

Respiratory biomechanics 

  • In vivo characterization of laryngeal geometry and oral airflow during human breathing : airflow measurements, laryngo-stroboscopy
  • Impact of glottal motion on aerosol deposition in upper airways during breathing (CFD simulations).
IRPHE (O. Boiron, E. Bertrand)
LPL/AP-HM La Timone (T. Legou, A. Lagier, A. Giovanni)
Air Liquide Santé International (G. Caillibotte, M. Pichelin, C. Majoral)
Univ. Tech. Brno (J. Jedelsky, F. Lizal)
PhD A. Scheinherr (2011-15, CIFRE IRPHE/ALSI)
Post-doc N. Ait Mouheb (2013-14, IRPHE/ALSI)

Methodological extensions to the study of other soft architectured materials (nanostructured fibrous hydrogels, biosourced fibrous materials, elastomeric foams for sport biomechanics)

3SR (L. Orgéas, S. Rolland du Roscoat, M. Bouzid, A. Naillon, F. Dufour)
LIPHY (V. Laurent, C. Verdier)
CERMAV (R. Michel, R. Auzély)
CTP (B. Carré, F. Rol, P. Martinez, L. Leroy)
LRP (N. El Kissi, D. Roux)
LGP2 (J. Viguié)
Décathlon (D. Ferré-Sentis)
PhD A. Gibiino (2021-..., IMEP2 - GrenobleINP, 3SR/CERMAV)
PhD A. Klos (2019-23, IMEP2 - GrenobleINP, 3SR/GIPSA-lab/ESRF-ID19/SOLEIL-PSICHE)
PhD C. Aimar (2019-23, CIFRE 3SR/Décathlon)
Post-doc J. Romero-Bathal (2023-..., LabEx Tec21, LIPHY/3SR)
Post-doc P. Latil (2022-23, Carnot Polynat, 3SR/LGP2/CTP)
Post-doc E. Viéville (2020-22, H2020 Celluwiz, 3SR/CTP)
Post-doc O. Tramis (2021-22, Carnot Polynat, 3SR/LRP/CTP)
Post-doc F. Villette (2021-22, Carnot Polynat, 3SR/CTP)

Detailed list of publications and communications : click here

Peer reviewed articles (referenced in WoS)

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